Why have recourse to a business coach?

Leaders at all levels are likely to encounter a situation in which insights and guidance provided by another successful business professional will be more than welcome. New business challenges, a new role in an area where they have little experience of, reenergizing or rebuilding a team, deploying / facing a key strategic initiative, facing a merger or acquisition are but a few of the challenges where the will welcome a personalised support as much from behavioural as business perspective to address organisational and individual needs. Having someone who is well versed in understanding personal and organisational behaviour with proven exposure to diverse sets of business environments and “market” benchmarks can significantly speed up the career development, results achievements and personal development of an individual, a team and an organisation.


What are the expected outcomes of a coaching assignment?

• Increased performance of individuals and teams leading to improved business results

• Development of both high-performers and high-potential talents

• Retracking of "derailed" employees
• Improvement of key strategic skills of coachees - such as business acumen,

...organisational & political savvy

• Improved balance between work and life demands

• Highly valued complement to training activities:

Research shows that personal development is dependent on: building interpersonal skills, AWARENESS, creating ACCEPTANCE and motivating ACTION. Coaching helps just that – getting the coachee to become Aware, Accept the development opportunity and ... Act!

Furthermore, learning theory strongly suggests that effective learning is based on 10% courses/reading, 20% from people input/observation (coaching/"mimicking") and 70% on (demanding) on-the-job assignment. Coaching therefore not only provides the 20% support which the theory identifies but often also helps the coachee identify the 10% courses/reading that is most pertinent and the on-the-job situations which will ensure his/her evelopment in fully blended in his/her work habits.


• Retention of coachees’ direct reports and colleagues

• Increased teamwork and cross-functional collaboration

• Having an external independent business discussion partner

• Improving the organisation’s employer branding - through concrete demonstration of the importance it puts on its Human Capital


Does ROCC S.a`.r.l. "just" focus on business goals?

Although our primary goal is to improve business / organisational results, we believe that a good coach is someone who can provide adequate support to his/her coachees to undertake positive change in their lives and address the professional challenges/ambitions which they face. For some individuals this support may be focused on personal behavioural changes while for others it will be on leadership improvement or organisational management improvements.


How much time investment does business coaching require?

Business coaching is a high-leverage activity enabling clients to achieve remarkable progress in achieving their goals in, sometime, less than an hour per month of coaching but with the first initial meetings held on a fortnightly basis.


Is the business coach mainly a friendly discussion partner to bounce off ideas?

There are all types of coaches but all-in-all your coach is your advocate who wants the best for and from you and will therefore push and stretch you in ways that might feel uncomfortable. Even if the coach is hired to act as “simply” a discussion partner and although he might be friendly, he/she is not and cannot be, in that role, your "friend". And unlike a friendship relationship, the coaching relationship is unilateral - it is exclusively focused on you and your goals, not the coach.


Is business coaching aimed at “top performers” or "problem employees”?

According to the Harvard Business Scholl Management update, whereas coaching was once viewed by many as a tool to help correct underperformance, today it is becoming much more widely used in supporting top producers. A good business coach is not hired to "fix" a problem or someone as such but rather to help create positive change in their lives. Although in some organisations, there is still a tendency to reserve such coaching for senior executives and top performers, various research show that business coaching today is in widespread use across organisations (from new hires to CEOs).


Is business coaching expensive?

Any type of coaching can be viewed as somewhat expensive. But research shows that the ROI from professional coaching is very high with significant improvements in business results, teamwork, job satisfaction, retention and improvement in quality resulting therefrom.


How are the coaching sessions delivered?

Our preference is to hold one-to-one meeting sessions at our premises (31, Grand Rue, Luxembourg city) for reasons of confidentiality and to secure the full attention of coachees during the said sessions). These meetjngs are supported, in between, by video conferences (Skype, ...), telephone calls and emails, as may be required. There are clients who prefer that we hold the meetings at their own premises (for efficiency purposes mainly) - which we gladly do. And of course, for clients based abroad, we travel to their preferred locations.

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