Training & e-learning

ROCC S.à.r.l has in place partnerships which allows it to complement its training, consulting and coaching services with e-learning solutions, as and when needed.

We can also design and arrange e-learning around very specific training needs of organisations – for instance converting ‘traditional’ classroom-based training into e-learning module(s).

A few words on the reach and main benefits of e-learning.

Reporting facilities of our e-learning trainings

Where requested, we also provide detailed course completion reporting to, for instance, compliance and/or HR functions so that they can track the progress of users. Reporting can be customised to an organisation’s needs and reporting frequency.

We find that clients are increasingly asking for more reporting, as they find that such reports useful for example, in the case of:

Full customisation to your entity’s corporate profile.

All of the courses that we build or customise in-house are branded to the organisation’s needs.

We work with your marketing team / advisors to ensure that the logo, colours, and graphics that we use in your course are in line with your corporate profile.

Multi-lingual e-learning platform and training content.

The courses that we build in-house are available in English and French as standard. Other languages can be added on request.

For the courses that we distribute on behalf of our content partners, these are as standard available in English, with some courses available in up to 10 languages. In working with our partners we can add additional languages version on request.

 Our e-learning platform (the website part of the learning course) is available in English, French, German and Luxembourgish. We set up user accounts with their preferred language and then the website always defaults to this language each time the user logs in.

You can contact us as follows:
Phone: +352 621159384

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